Borla ZX2 muffler - SALE $179 includes shipping.

Ford Racing has discontinued the Borla muffer. Regular $229, on sale for $179 includes s&h(inside USA).

Only have 2 left and then the are gone !

Order while you can at:

[url=] ... cts_id=548[/url]

[b]Last 2. Must Move !

Price reduced to $155 (FREE S&H).[/b]

Is it a Borla catr back like the S/R?


Thanks, I got one.

good buy!!!

i only wish i had a single exaust again

Really? Any particular reason?

just that this is a good deal. My body kit is customed 4 duals so im kind of stuck with it or ill have to get a diffrent rear bummper.

The one in the picture does not look like the one that came on the S/R.


The one thats in the add is just a Borla photo you’ll see that same pic for a bunch of Borla exaust diffrent cars diffrent sites