Borla ZX2 muffler - SALE $179 includes shipping.

Ford Racing has discontinued the Borla muffer. Regular $229, on sale for $179 includes s&h(inside USA).

I have 6 on order(last 6 in the Ford Racing warehouse), 3 already sold, so only 3 left.

Order while you can at:

[url=] ... cts_id=548[/url]

*Caveat… kits are on the way to me, ordered today, should be here Thurs/Friday, so will not ship immediately…

Would you mind giving me the “inlet size” of the muffler piping please?

Honestly don’t know. I’ll have a couple here tomorrow and will measure for you.

Usually my Ford Racing distributor dropships them to customers for me, so I don’t get my hands on them… I told him to go ahead and send me the last two, so that will give me the chance.