Borla Muffler

I bought this thing like 2 years ago and I haven’t done anything with it. The exact date that I bought it was 8/23/03. I paid $211.54 shipped. Its the one that is, or at least was on I was going to put it on, but then I ran out of money, and the rest is history. It has sat up in my attic for the past 2 years, so the only thing thats wrong with it is the heavy layer of dust it collected over the years. Make an offer! Thanks - Matt.

Is this ford racing muffler section?

$150 shipped?

sounds good, is my email address.

K. Gimme a few days to try to see what i can dig up.

Any buyer protection type deal offered? You don’t have any feedback and only 8 posts. Not that i’m sayin you’re untrustworthy or anything but i’ve never seen you on any forums till now.

His name looks familar from the old site (old ZX2ms site). I think he posted more on the old site but im not quite shure.

Yeah, he’s from the old site. A pretty cool guy if memory serves.

Yea, I was from back in the old days…I don’t post much, I have a lot of crap going on, but I do read a lot. Thanks for the backing. I really am not looking to screw anyone over (pulling an Ian). I just need some cash to pay for books and such, I am getting ready to transfer to UW La Crosse next year, so yea, I need all the cash I can get. Thanks again!

This item is still up for sale!

Sorry i didn’t get back to you dude. I’m tryin to sell the Z cuz i’m gettin married in a few months so i don’t really got the money for it right now. Sorry again.

Its cool, just sending a reminder out…congrats on the whole getting married thing though, hope you have fun!

still for sale? how badly do you want to get rid of it? lol. i dont have much money, but would love a borla muffler. maybe email me with what you would hope to sell them for and i’ll see what i can do?