Sittin at school in IT class.

sittin’ at work in England.

sitting at desk, just woke up

Laying on bed, just woke up.

  • Darron

SWEET look at this topic, its taking off, I figured Id get yelled at 4 making random topic.

still sitting at desk, just got done playing diablo II.

Bad YELLOW2000S/R, no post whoring!!


Post whoring?

I like steaks.

Home form working all day, waiting to eat some steaks with heavy cream sauce. mmmmmm

Playing Scrabble in Dinningroom downstairs…I like having my wireless back.

  • Darron

P.S. Bad S/R for post whoring and for Mark for confusing S/R. :wink: lol(you post whored by getting excited by the explosive take-off of the post)

YAY another random post!

Super bored!! Sitting at work answering phones.
EEWWWW!! Steak is gross!! I personally prefer chicken.


mmm steak and chicken its all good!

I wish i had me some surf and turf… Steak and Fish all the way! A1 and Tartar!

Just waking up and nearly throwing up at the thought of steak AND fish together…the idea of either alone is bad enough…

  • Darron

just got back from making a heafty deposit in the bank account, plan on paying of my car for the next 10mnths so i can afford the gas…

actually now that I htink about it… isnt surf and turf, steak and lobster?? my bad!!!

Just quit Halo 2 on X-box Live for the night. Going to bed now.

  • Darron

Sitting at work really bored right now. I keep getting calls from really stupid people!! Grrrrrr! Soooo annoying!! Still have another hour and a half to go.


sitting at computer eating a nice italian combo hero!

Darron, leave Miranda alone at work, shes got work to do!!! lol!!! just playing!!!

Getting ready for bed. Just finished watching 30 Seconds to Mars on Conan.

ROFLMAO@Mark. Awesome! Good one bud!

  • Darron

At work once again. Wahoo!! Thinking about putting a cot up in back…lol! J/k!! Not here quite that much…

Mark I second Darron. That was pretty funny!! :lol: