body work


Hello everyone, Im hoping to find some help on fixing the rust issues on my rear quaters. The rust has gone through the wheel well and out on the outside. I cant find any rear quaters for sale, ive found front fenders but that does me no good lol. Ive done plenty of muscle car projects and figured why not a tuner? so i need to fix all my rust issues. With that said i would love to find pre-made rear quaters instead of fab’ing them. so ya anyone out there that can help?

The only pre-made you will find is one you cut off the car… I may be able to help you find one in a junkyard… whats your zip code…

my zip is 68114, i checked one of the local junk yards and i ran into the same problem when i was building one of my many firebirds. i found 2 98/99 escorts but they had the same rust issues lol. anyways though thanks.


yea rusts sucks man here a web site u can look at all the junk yards in the us i lookt but a dont no wat u lookin for they have them on there thou