Body Kits on the Market

Buddy Club Body Kit
(AndysAutoSport $719.10)
(StreetConcept $549.00)
Invader Body Kit

(AndysAutoSport $629.10)
(StreetConcept $499.00)
(VisionAutoDynamics $749.00)
(Extreme Dimensions $749.00)
Erebuni 525 Body Kit
(AndysAuotSport $893.70)
(StreetConcept $549.00)
(VisionAutoDynamics $769.00)
Bomber Body Kit
(AndysAutoSport $635.06)
(VisionAutoDynamics $749.00)
(Extreme Dimensions $749.00)
Evo 2 Body Kit
(AndysAutoSport $550.27)
(StreetConcept $499.00)
(VisionAutoDynamics $749.00)
(Extreme Dimensions $649.00)
Evo 5 Body Kit
(VisionAutoDynamics $749.00)
Wings West
(Wings West (need price))
EDGE Front Facia
(Axiom $495.00)
Invader Hood
(Zxtuner $499.00)
Evo Hood
(Zxtuner $499.00)

I may just change this heading to “Visual Mods” so I can include mirrors, hoods, wings.

I really like the side skirts and rear bumper from this WW kit.

[url=] ... e=1&id=282[/url]

But it doesn’t list if I input my 03 model. That is just cuz the front is different right?

sides and back will mount. For the front you have to do a little modification… Im already planning this…

Cool, keep me posted. I really like the subtile look of it, gona leave it black to off set the white paint job.

Can you even buy the WW kit anymore?

Think so, on that link I posted. Or did I just not go deep enough?

From what my “sources” say, yes you can…

From where though?
I would like to get another one for my red Z.

I too would like to get one!

Go on the website and look up a dealer. I did just that and found one in Ontario about 30 min from where I live

Andy’s had the WW kit or they advertised it anyway.

Has anyone used side skirts for the Edge front fascia that lloked good and flowed well with it?

im going to get of Shogun skirts to test and ill give you a pic to tell 4 your self

Cool. Its just that every kit I see makes the front bumper look too big. Its too much lower than the side skirts and rear bumper.