Body kits fabrications?

Hey Everyone

I recently made a comment on the ZX2 NR and where to get the body kit

this is a link if you are not sure what i am talking about

[url=] ... n%26sa%3DX[/url]

Now i am wondering if there is anyone that would be able to actually make that kit
if you are able to make the kit can you pls email me at and let me know how much you would want to do this.

Thank you in advance to everyone thats response :mrgreen:

PPL HAVE TRIED TO MAKE IT BUT IT’S VERY VERY PRICE to make a body kit mold. So the best advice we can offer to you is take a pic to a good car body man and get your check book ready.

that project has been “ON IT’S WAY! WHOOHOO!” for years by many people.

I’ve given up on seeing it.

If it ever does you can bet I’ll buy.

Ok thanks guys then if any has a 03 bumper that they are getting rid of let me know and i will make it myself?

post back on here or email me!