body kit?

I’ve had my zx2 for a while now, just starting to put performance parts and it. And would like to know some opinions on body kits.
also if there’s any good paint tips or things like that be cool to.

  1. If you have a body kit will hit the ground/speedbump?
  2. Do they affect your speed in any way similar a race car with there aerodynamics to increase speed and lower the air resistance under the car?
  3. what about hills as well?


is there a specific kit that you are looking at? every kit is different so the answers are going to be different for each kit.

As far as aerodynamics I do not believe any kit on the market for our cars have been tested. I maybe wrong though.

I am with mark on that one. I don’t believe any of them have been tested for aerodynamics what so ever. With this each body kit is going to give you different answers. Are you going for show more or not? If your worried about body kits for get about dropping the z and doing a kit since it can get pretty low were in certain environments it wont handle too well.

I really don’t know what body kit yet, but they all have the same height. yeah some are higher, but for the most part all the same height. my biggest concern is ripping off the kit on a hill or even a speed bump for that matter.

thanks :ugeek:

haha ya matters were you live. I always have to worry about mine when I drive it around and I only put 500-1000 miles a year on it. So I couldn’t imagine it driving every day. Do you have winters from were your at?

I have had a Buddy Club II kit for about 4 years. This one came from Andy’s Auto Sport and I made sure I got the polyurthane. The Polyurthane will flex for you so when and if you do hit something, it doesn’t do any damage.

We do have winters where I am so I put the Zx2 in hibernation for the winter. In Buffalo, NY we also have lots of potholes due to the winters here. Which is why I keep putting off lowering my Zx2.