Body kit stolen

I don’t know where exactly to post this here, but… If it’s in the wrong spot, feel free to move it.

This is going to be a generic post because I’m putting it on more than one board.

I bought a Bomber rear bumper from Andys Auto Sport (Extreme Dimensions actually makes it). It has been sitting at my dad’s construction yard for a little bit now. I go up there to get it and get it put on my car- it’s gone.

This bumper is for a ZX2. If you don’t know what the Bomber rear looks like, I’ll get a link on here later. The bumper is the blue they come from Extreme Dimensions. It has a crack on the driver side near where the hole is to bolt onto the car. It came without the holes to mount it drilled, and I drilled the holes. There’s is a large crack up to the point that a small piece is missing in the middle top where it slides in under the license plate. The passenger side has a large rub mark like it’s been dragged across something. If you set the bumper flat, it has a huge wave in it at the bottom that gives the appearance that it’s been twisted at some point.

If any one has ANY information, please let me know.

Oh man! That sux.

Why don’t you tell people where you are in the world? Also tell us where you father’s job is, so you can create an idea of where it might be if some one is approached or it turns up on Ebay.

I live in Omaha, Nebraska. More than likely if it shows up with someone trying to sell it it will be from Nebraska or Iowa. (Council Bluffs Iowa is very close and a lot of people come over here from there.)

if i see anything or hear anything i’ll let you know. by the way nice choice in rear bummpers

I got the Bomber one because I needed a total replacement bumper and I have dual-tip exhaust. All the other ones that completely replace the bumper have only room for a single tip.

I’m so mad and depressed right now… I just got back from a trip to LA- While I was gone I got a new mirror (had one snapped off), a new hood and a polished valve cover. In 2 weeks I’m going to go pick up a new set of wheels. So I’m thinking- All I need to do now is get my bumper put on and I can show my car in a couple shows coming up. I go get my bumper to fix it and put it on and it’s gone. :frowning:

Good choice on that duals idea but you’ll have to custom the other side. It’s a little low on that side for a pipe that hugs the spare tire well. you’ll have to make a port on the drivers side for that. its not hard just make a template of the passen. side and make a fiberglass piecs that forms the mold . Then just glass it on there. your end result shoould look like this

Actually, I have a single muffler with dual-tips- not dual exhaust…

my bad sorry

People suck…soory to hear about that…

  • Darron

I found it- on a Cavalier. I’m driving around town in my truck, which happens to have the name of my parents business on it. Since I was in LA at the time, this truck would have been parked right next to where the bumper was. So I’m following this yellow Cavalier with a body kit and notice that the back bumper looks like trash- it doesn’t fit right at all, and has no place for the license plate like a Cavalier’s should. I get closer, and realize that it’s a ZX2 bumper from the way that it’s designed. Like the piece in the middle that attaches to the black bumper piece, but on this car is just smashed under the trunk. So I pull up next to the car, they take one look at the truck, and immediately swerve away from me, all freaked out, sideswipe a car in the turn lane and take off down a side street. Not wanting him to cause more accidents, I pull over in a parking lot and call the cops. They finally track him down- turns out that just about everything on the car is stolen, he has no insurance and no license. The cops say I MIGHT get my bumper back, but they think that it’ll just stay on the car and go with it at the police auction. (The car was impounded, and no proof of insurance= you not getting your car back.) So know I have to keep an eye out for a yellow Cavalier in the upcoming police auctions and try to convince it’s new owner to give me the bumper.

Wow. At least he’s getting whats comming to him.

I would have chased him down and beat him till no tomorrow then run his car over with my truck :evil: I think we should start cutting peoples hands off for stealing stuff. Also have public executions on pay-per-view or somthing.

Yeah, but you have to get the guys who are really the bad guys. That includes those who help these bad people, like bankers who launder money.

Plus people who put Ferrari emblems on Corvettes. :smiley:

I was going to, but when he hit that other car trying to get away from me, I decided to back off so noone else got hurt… Trust me, if there hadn’t been anyone else on the street, we’d both be in jail- him for stealing and me for beating him within an inch of his life.

I would go to the D.A office and tell your story. That parts of the car are stolen and you are the rightful owner of said piece. If it was sold at action they would be selling a stolen piece. who know it might work.

Did you file a police report when you kit was stolen? I would produce that and it will probably give them more reason to let you get your property back.

When it was stolen, I filed a police report that included a full description of the bumper, pictures of it, a copy of the recpiet from when I bought it and a description of the imperfections in the bumper that would make it obvious that it’s mine.

When I dealt with the cops after finding the bumper, they argued with me. They said that since the bumper was on a Cavalier and not a ZX2, then what made me think it was a ZX2 bumper? I pointed out the glaringly obvious fact- the Cavalier’s license plate is in the bumper, the ZX2’s is in the trunk- why’d that Cavalier have a bumper with no place for the license plate? Cop still argued, I called a girl in my club who has the same body style Cavalier, with the same bodykit and only lived down the street. After we compared the two Cavaliers, they believed me, but said that I’d have to talk to someone else and that they couldn’t just go and take the bumper off.

I went down to the courthouse where a friend of the family is a Public Defender. She said that they’re going to drag their feet until the car goes up on auction so they can get money for a whole car. They’re hoping that I forget the whole thing and that by the time I ask again for my bumper, the car will be gone and they’ll be like “We’re sorry.” The local police and their impound are already in the middle of a huge lawsuit- When they update their computers at the courthouse, they take all the old ones and throw them in trucks down at the impound. When you buy the truck, YOU have to deal with the computers, and the local dumps won’t take computers. This is the third time I’ve dealt with the local police and the impound, and it’s never gone my way before.

I managed to go down to the impound lot last night with a friend who needed to get her car. I wandered over to the Cavalier- the bumper is in worse condition than when I saw it last- it would take a LOT of work to get it good again. If I get it back for free, I’ll take it, but if they want me to pay, they can have the thing since it’s practically trashed.

Get yourself a lawyer, even if they are already involved in lawsuits. They cannot sell your stuff on a stolen car, I’m not sure but I believe even the police are not allowed to sell stolen goods! They have to find the original owners and return the stolen property.

I agree with Mark. Stolen goods, must be returned to their proper owner within a certain amount of time.

You can’t sell a vehicle with stolen parts. The cops won’t let you and I do it, and they fall under the law just like us. Did they try to find the owners of the other parts that were stolen and on the car?

You might have to hit the library and find laws about stolen goods. Worst case, you create a lawsuit against the Police Dept. stating that the police wouldn’t return your property and they also sold stolen property. Make sure you get a snap shot of the rear bumper before they sell it.