Body kit is done

Got my body kit on and painted

still need to align my muffler, gonna get new rims, tires, and drop it very soon.

Sorry for the poor pics, it was my phone cam…

And a misc pic, freebie from a freind

Oooh. Nice.

Looks like that molded on pretty nicely. Time for some new wheels.

Looks good:) The new wheels will definetly complete the look nicely:)


Sweet. I’ve always been a fan of the Erebuni kit. Rims will finish it off, but all in good time of course. :slight_smile:

I like what you did to the tail lights too. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

Get rid of the Weapon-R belts… They are HIGHLY unsafe. I know 2 people that while hitting their brakes hard, the threads tore and the belts came apart… NOT SAFE for a collision.

That’s really good to know. I would heed to Yellow’s claim.

I found this out at the last show I was at. I was talking to some guys at a shop I go to and the 1 guy said and happend to was (tsaPerformance) it and the other guy (KevinCrider) said he has heard the same thing.

That really sucks about the harness. Thankfully I dont even use them. Thought about using them if I race some day (probly not till next year) My factory belt is still in place and functional, and used every time I am in the seat. Feel kinda naked without it!