Body Kit i desined based off a few others!

Go to … odykit.htm to see pictures I did in Microsoft Paint. The page describes all the cars that the kit is bassed on. Thanks for lookin, let me know what u think.

The video just morphs between different collor ZX2s so u can see what it would look like.

This is just what I think would look cool. Not actually making it, may in the future for myself. So dont think im tryin to sell it.

I’m not a big fan of body kits, but that isn’t bad. If you like it, you should do it.

thats pretty sweet

Wait, did you actualy CLICK the link? It’s been down for like, months!

LoL What a goof.

LOL, I havent had that domain for a LONG time…

As long as we are on the topic, do you still have the pics? I think I came to the board in december of last year, I remember it because it was right after my accident with the 02. The link didn’t work then but I still wanna see.

No I dont… Everything that was on that domain I just trashed when I renamed my website…