Blown Engine

So I’m driving along on my way back to Milwaukee from the Fox Valley, cruising at 70mph, and then, lost all power, no compression. 80k on the motor…any ideas? haven’t looked at it yet. I’m going to tear it apart this weekend.

any strange noises to go along with your lose of power? or strange smells?

I blew a spark plug out of the head once and was basically running on three cylinders, while flooding the 4th. I had to disconnect the fuel injector and get the head re-tapped.

whats the compression readings on the cylinders, and the engine have you checked the timing belt…

Sounds like the first O2 sencor went to me , :stuck_out_tongue: Engine is fine …needs a scan to figure out what code is thrown ~Your car is fine buddy ~

Car will not shut off b/c of O2 sensor. It will just go into closed loop. Sounds like a timing belt to me if no compression.(valves staying open) Could be several things

Did you lose all compression? On every cyl?

I guess he buried it in the back yard already…hhehehee :lol: next to the neon and civic …