block difference?

does anyone here know if the zx2 and focus blocks are the same? so I can bolt my zx2 head to the focus block after je 12.5:1 pistons installed? any mods needed other then my accesoris and timing belt tensioners are installed off the zx2.

They are the same except for the trani bolt pattern. Last time I checked JE only made 10.5:1 pistons. Are you planning a trani swap? If you are let me know how it goes.

trani bolt pattens are the same otherwise no 6-speed swaps or mtx-75 swaps would be done. and yes I am probibly only going 10.5:1 but may have cust ones made I havent decied.

I will get back to you on this one…


ok… I have done some more reseach. The part of the block that holds the pistons (short block) is exactly the same. Although the pistons and and or rods maybe diffrent. The heads are diffrent as far as cams go, but have the same bolt patten to trani and short block. The aluminum oil skimmer/ crank pan is difrent between modles. They will bolt up to the short block however they are trani dependunt. Let me know if you need any more awnsers.

that what I thought the differences where so awsome. are engine mounts are on the trans and the top of the block same as a focus so this should work. 10.8:1 comp here I come. :slight_smile: also sence you ask any one here know about the svt header swap? does it clear out oil pan like says it will? other than that I can make cust exhaust the rest of the way. Thanks

The block in the zx2 and in the focus (zetec engine ) are the same in every way. crank, rods pistons are the same theres nothing different.

the SVT internals are different. the crank case oil separators are different, that is why you need one to perform a focus trani swap.

As for the headers… god I hope they clear the oil pan. I will be purchasing a set my self. If you get a set before i do make a write up on whatit took to make it work for me will you.

Thanks bro…

Uh, yes, they are different. That is why none have been done.