Blinker issue

So my fiance was driving the zx2 back from work and then all the sudden the blinker started going fast as if one of the bulbs went out.

I checked it out when i got home and sure enough it’s blinking like one is out. I check ALL the wires, not a single bulb was burned out. I take out the lights one by one, all look fine. I check the one up front and the edge was black near one bulb. I didn’t have a spare so I used the 3rd brake light as it fit.

I turn on the car, use the blinker. Worked fine. PROBLEM SOLVED so i thought.

She works early, so come 5am she says it’s acting up again. The key thing is it goes back to fast blinking on the right side, ONLY when the headlights are one. Turn them off. Normal. Mind you this is using the same bulb as the 3rd brake light. Use a correct bulb and it flashes fast like crazy, lights on or lights off.

I’m baffled.

Now, the only thing is i replaced the correct bulb in it. Mind you this is the front far right turn signal passenger side, since i thought that was the issue. using a 3rd brakelight bulb OR a brand new CORRECT bulb, no luck. Still blinking all turn signals super fast.

besides a bad ground connection or wire, its gotta be a bulb. Make sure you’ve seated the bulb sockets well after checking or replacing them,

If thats fine, then the culprit could be one of 4 bulbs that flash on the right side… the marker bulb in the headlight, the front signal bulb, or one of the two tail light bulbs in the rear tail lamp housing.

Its not uncommon for bulbs to have broken filaments that intemittantly work so it might be worth your while to replace all 4 bulbs and leave it at that.