Black Face Gauges

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That is rather sweet. Not exactly what I was talking about, I was really into the look of these, as in the font and type of backlight. Just not with a white backround.

I hope I didn’t make you upset buy asking for a black face guage and then not giving much feedback. I didn’t think you would pound one out so quickly. I know R&D takes time.

Well those gauges are EL, which is something we do not do. We use stock lighting for all of our gauges no EL. We could make them like the picture for daytime, and close to the nighttime pics. What things did you want changed?


Hmm. Well, if you were to make an insert that has a black face, but cutouts exactly where the numbers and symbols are on the guage faces I have, then I could place yours OVER mine, and just use the backlight on mine to light things up. I’d be willing to ship you the guages I have so you don’t have to guess.