BIG question about tires... could be suspension related also

took my car to the stealership yesterday to get the paint on my car looked at. Some of you may remember last summer my car was vandalized. well the paint/clear coat started to peel in like 5 different places.

anyway, the sales guy who im pretty friendly with, noticed that my rear tires are bald… warn even acrossed the tire(not alignment related).

These are ‘brand new’ Potenza RE92’s. They were put on the car in march. 4 tires. I have NOT done a tire roation since i bought the tires. attempted to but, the shop put the lugs on too tight to break by hand. Since i bought the tires, there have benn 10000 miles put on the car. (i know… i drive everywhere though… toss in a couple of 600m trips and there you go.)

I can not think of a reason that my rear tires would be wearing faster then my front tires.

suspension wise this is what i have:

front mx-3 strut bar
sprint lowering springs
19mm rear sway bar w/ poly bushings

I dont think anything other then maybe lowering would cause the tires to wear down as much as they have. but im looking at it from the standpoint that lowering a car messes up the camber/caster and the tires while worn, wouldnt be worn even acrossed the whole tire in that case. There would be a high edge on one side of the tire or the other.

What are the possibilities that I got ‘bad’ rubber? anyone have that experience before?


No idea dude, mine are fine with my S/R drop… (Nitto Neo Gen) I’ve “rotated” them once. That was only because of winter and putting the stock tires/rims back on.

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I have had “bad rubber” before. I was with my girlfriend and that damn condom just didn’t want to last…er…I mean, yeah I bought some kellys one time, started wearing real bad at 5000 miles. starting showing cords at 12000 before they got replaced with duplicate tires and at 5000 miles they still had the rubber nipples on them yet. Bad rubber I guess. This was on my truck tires by the way.

Did you check to see if your E-Brake was fully off? I don’t mean that the lever is down but that the mechanical arm that is applied by the wire being pulled. If there is enough resistance, that might wear the tires quicker.

It would affect your tires at low speeds where the E-Brake would make more of difference. At the slower speeds the brake might have more force than that applied when the car is at higher speeds.

Pull off your back tires and check that. Might need a big screwdriver to apply some leverage if needed.

No offense mirror but why would that really effect it? I see what your saying but the only thing that would be wearing would be his rear brakes, shouldn’t really have an effect on the tires unless it’s a pretty substantial braking and he’d probably be able to feel that when he takes off.

Ok…let’s say I’m completely wrong. Rotate your fronts to the backs and see if it still happens.

If I’m wrong you only need to replace 2 tires. If right, you’ll need 4 new tires. But is 10 minutes too long to check it? Just exhaust the possiblity.

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mirror has a point, wouldn’t hurt to check for brakes sake either. but if all his tires are worn smooth and he hasn’t rotated them yet and his back brake is grabbing then why are his front tires smooth. Man, this sounds like something from the twilight zone. actually not even close to that, ok i’ll stop.

nothing can hurt to check. are you sure it’s not because you went out on the ice all winter and spun your car around for weeks and burned the tires that way.

i will not but the rears on the front… they are TOO far gone. when I said bald, i meant I have drag slicks on the back of my car…

anyone know what Bridgestone warrantys their tires for?

I thought the same thing about the e-brake not disengaging… talked it over with my father, and he doesnt seem to think its that.

lol… I wish i had an excuse like doing circles on ice all winter… but i dont. these tires were put on in March. the end of winter…


Hey mirror I owe you an apology, it was my stupidity to falsely read what ironmark had written. I thought it was all four tires that were bald but it was just the rear, thus making your theory more valid, I am officially putting my foot in my mouth.

ironmark, sounds like a strange problem, possibly your suspension is real loose in the rear? maybe your sway bar is bent or the bushings are shot and your rear end goes all over the place. I wonder if your wheel bearings are out and you’ve got slop in the rear end.

Yo, just did some research for you, your tires have a 40,000 mile warranty on them. MAN you need to do some talkin, approach nicely and if they dont do anything start getting gitty and flip out. LMAo

lol… yeah i need to talk the guys yet… trying to hold out as long as i can so i can get them replaced just before winter.

Im going to demand that they replace all 4 tires as I bought them at the same time, and if 2 are gone in under 10000, then their maybe a safety issue with the tires.


I had I similar problem in my 94 escort. I had falkens but I wore out the fronts real quick. The warranty had them replaced for free but I did pay for an alignment job.

Whatever happened with this Marky?

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LOL ROTATE YOUR TIRES LOL who the hell does that :stuck_out_tongue: lol When my front ones are bald I rotate the back ones up front and buy two new ones :stuck_out_tongue: lol
by the way I run these…

Anyways back to the post your back drums could need some fixing possibly also check your ebrake as stated before.

Click this

That says you shouldn’t buy those ever again. They got a 2.4 out of 10. If tirerack says it… i believe it.

I just had the same thing, in a way, happen to me. Turns out it was my e-brake. Track days seem to have screwed it up somehow. Cost me a new set of tires. :oops: :cry:

Sounds like a bad alignment to me(tow out ) …or to many e-brake pulls in snowy weather !

and thats part of the reason why i NEED to do an GT rear swap… damn snowy parking lots! lol!

IT wont have anything to do with your brakes , especially your E-brake.

You will kill your e-brake pads long before you kill a set of rears.


How much load do you have in the back?

is the suspension standard or is it aftermarket?
Is it set up the same or have you lowered it/raised it?

Camber / Castor settings?
Rear sway bar?

Are you throwing the car aound alot?
Driving habits/style etc

Has the car ever been in an accident?

Has anyone ever performed a suspension tune up?

Rims… stock, optional, aftermarket? Rim offset?

Tire pressures front / rear ?

depending on how the above is answered and all seems reasonable, it sounds like crap tires but thats hard to say from here.

What did the the tire look like it wore out?
Even/uneven , heat marks ( blue scoring ) rubber beading on crown of tread or infront of advancing tread ( look at a tire thats been raced.
Cracking at all anywhere on tire, crown, sidewall etc?



Wow! Way to bring back a dead post! Might want to check the post dates on the top.

But to answer your questions:

It is an aftermarket suspension (Sprint Springs). I am not sure of the load amounts. The car is lowered. Yes Camber was off. No Car was never in an accident, I purchased it new after wrecking my previous ZX2 (which was also purchased new). RSB is 21mm EGT. I don’t believe I throw the car around alot. Car has had several alignments. Rims are stock. Tires pressures change constantly depending on how long you have been driving and tire temps, not really relevant. However, tire pressures are usually checked often.

Tire place said the tire was worn uneven with the lower side being toward the insides.

Now that those are answered. I went through another set of those same tires after posting about them. After going through 2 sets of tires in 2 years, I smartened up and got a different brand.

The Bridgestone Potenza RE92’s are a terrible tire. I replaced them with Yokohama AvID TRZ’s. Since replacing them I have not had issues with the tires. I have had these tires for little over a year now I think (might be closer to 2 years, memories going at 26…).