Big news from me!

Ok guys… I have some big news for you lol… Well anyways A couple of you already know but I got a new job at Disney. I have to move to Florida and I need to do it this weekend. The site is going to be crappy like this for a bit long till I get setup down there and am able to get working ont he site again. Well thats all I have for now. Laterz,

Kudos for you Chris! I imagine that this is a step up for you.

What will you be doing, working for Disney?

Webs stuff lol Like always and yes its a very big step for me. :smiley:

You going to be near Nate (Nike######) or anybody in Florida? If so, I’m plannin on visiting Nate next year to see his Z progress and just to meet up w/ another ZX2 guy that does costomizing like me.

That sounds like a big paying job, good work!

Congrats chris and good luck!!!
Hope the move isnt to hard on you. like trying to take the zx2’s with you. Hope Disney sets you up with housing until you find a place.

WOW!!! Good luck Chris!!

That was a bombshell and a half! And dont worry! We will keep things under control here as best we can till you can get setup in Flori-ho!

Thats amazing! Congrats!

I know what they say about the population of Florida…
“They are either newly wedd or nearly dead.”

Hmm, are those church bells in the distance?

Darron told me the other day:) Congrats, good luck and have a safe trip:) The job should be fun:)
You will be in our prayers:)

Congrats again!!


I’m one of the few that already knew!!! lol Congrats Chris. If I weren’t moving myself (basically) or working Saturday, I would offer help. But if you need a stopping point (not that we’re on the way) we have a place for ya! Good luck with all you’ll be doing down there and you’ll be getting a call for a hook-up. :wink: lol Like tigress said, we’re praying for ya. God bless!

  • Darron

hey i just thought of something

A Zx2 meet at the Majic Kingdome Mickey in a escort


ROFLMAO!! Nice!! :mrgreen:


we’ll cruise the ZX2’s done main st. with Mickey sticking out the moon roof

lol yeah
Wekk I have just baout everything packed… Washed and cleaned out the Z for the ride down. I am leaving tomorrow afternoon. Also anyone who wants to chat with me I’ll be on the road from 5:00pm central tomorrow to about the same time monday so anytime in there is good. :wink:

ill give you a holer later keep you company for a bit.

I just got back from my trip to FL. Good luck man.

Welcome to the South, my man. When I come home on leave, be ready for a meet. I’ll post more info when it becomes available.

Well I am down here now :wink: First day on the job :wink: I’ll fill you all in later. TTYL Oh yeah thanks for everyone who called while I was driving :wink:

Hope my text cheered up your drive! :smiley: