Beta Testers Needed

I need a couple people to help test the new site. I need a couple admins and a couple regular users and a couple moderators. Thanks,


Post in here if interested.

I’m in.

Forgive my ignorance but what exactly is involed… I have tons of free time.

yeah, whats a beta?

IM in but i think i was already.

Beta is a tester

I’ll accept the mission

I’d help you out if you need it. Just say the word.

same here chris! let us know what we need to do.

sure i like being up all night…

You know you don’t really need to ASK me.

  • Darron

LOL thanks guys. I will be posting up some info soon. Also I iwll be assigning tasks for you to do with it like test login and log out ect… upload photos… That kind of thing. I hoping this weekend to finish up coding the member login and intergration with the forum… Thanks guys,

i’ll help but it’ll only be for an hour a day… in my 5th period class lol

im in

I’ll do it too, if you still need someone

im in. i dont know what to do and im new but im willing to help out