Benefits/Downfalls of suspension in snow

So I figured because of wintertime this would be an interesting time to discuss suspension setups for the snow.

Obviously I am completely unable to adjust my suspension as I have GR2 struts which are just stiff all the time which is fine… It could just be me but I like the way my ZX2 handles in the snow and it does a great job but I also heard that softer suspension is good for snow.

My thought would be that softer suspension is only helpful in instances where you need travel and the snow is not “packed” but soft and thick. In my case our roads are almost pure ice and packed snow (thin layers of packed, slick snow). Anyone have any info on the whole idea as to what would work best in the snow?

snow tires…

That would give you the most benefit for travel on snow. Im not sure how the rest of the suspension would play into it.

I have studded/siped tires for the snow :slight_smile: They are definitely snow tires.

A softer suspension will allow the weight of the vehicle to move over the front tires for stopping.  The softer suspension will also allow some travel so the tires can ride on the snow as oppose to cutting through the snow. ÂÂÂ

Think of it more like this: Either the tire is going to move or the snow is going to move. One or the other will give. If the tire and suspension are soft, the snow will hold and the car will pull itself over the snow.

For tire selection, a softer tire will allow for a larger contact patch. Which will give you better acceleration, cornering and stopping.

Softer suspension and thin tyres work better in rain and gravel aslo… I bet snow is fun. :frowning: