Belt Routing (ByPass)

Belt Routing for several ways for the Zx2.

Do at your own risk. Not responsible for anything.

This is a great mod. I removed all of the idler pulleys, the AC and the power steering. I put the ribbed pulley on the tensioner. With 4 less pulleys, I freed up a ton of power and it revs a lot faster :smiley: but there is one draw back. The water pump pulley doesn’t have enough contact area with the belt and sqeels a little sometimes. I am going to try rotating the tensioner so that it points forward instead of down. This should give a little more contact area on the pulley and stop the squeel. I will post results.

my guess is the squeal is not from the water pump but from the crank pulley. putting the tensioner as #1 pulley as opposed to the final pulley on the stock config gives you a condition where as the motor torques the belt, it pulls against the tensioner spring creating additional slop in the belt.

adding the a/c bypass pulley where the compressor once was helps to alleviate some of the issues since it puts the tensioner as number two pulley on the torque side but even that way as time goes on and the belt starts to stretch, squeal starts to occur. I use a lifetime guarantee gatorback belt and when it starts to squeal (usually arounf 10k miles) i take it off and have the local kragen exchange it out lol.