belt problems

well this is a problem that doesnt relate to my car but my moms escort (yes we drive simular cars :-o) well anyways about every month her belt always slips off and really gets my thinking…why does it do that?

We talked to a mechanic and said something about a oil leakage and it was spitting out oil onto the belt but then about 3 weeks later the belt slips off agian :x

so im thinking that was not really the problem…the belt is like 3 months old and has been doing that every month for the last 4 months so any ideas??? :sunglasses:

It could be the tensioner, or the belt. Either the tensioner isn’t putting enough pressure on the belt, or the belt’s too long or stretched.I would consider buying a new belt, make sure it’s the one for A/C if she has it, and not if she doesn’t. If that doesn’t fix it, I would think the tensioner may need to be fixed…

  • Darron

alright that makes more sense than what the mecanic said :wink:

thanks :smiley:

I would be willing to bet on the tensioner… especially since the belt is only 3 months old.

Yes Mark, but if it’s the wrong belt… If she has A/C it’s probably the tensioner, but if she doesn’t, it could be the belt…emphasis on could.

  • Darron

well i tried to tighten the tensener but it would no budge it just made that pulley go up and down… :?

maybe the belt is streched out, also i noticed a large amount of antifreeze on the ground under my moms car…unfixable for me? mecanic needed? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…you could find the leak and decide from there… The coolant could possibly be the reason the belt’s slipping off.

  • Darron