I was banned for the second time from . I told a moderater that the part he was selling was a rip off . He was selling a used Gude PNP throttle body for like $150 , and I told him that I had mine ported for like $75 bucks and bored out larger . So he banned me. Well they all made a fuss about my headlights that I had made and where selling , but I didnt ban anyone . The moderator last comment was some dumb like, "Your headlight are ugly ", and Nismo makes them cheaper . His are cheaper because they are fucking halogens !!! I dont think that was right . I’m just glad I got my turbo kit before they banned me. I hate . If I could get my hands on the asshole who banned me , I would beat the shit out of him.

don’t take it so personal…I’ve seen a lot of people leave that site because of the actions of certain individuals. I still talk to people from there, and use the site for information; I just don’t spend time on the forums anymore.



Regardless of whether or not you thought it was a good deal, you shouldn’t go into threads and randomly talk trash about peoples stuff.

Getting a Gude TB for $150 isn’t a bad deal. They go for something like $300 new. Would I get one? No, but I don’t go around trashing people selling it either.

agreed im a frequent member over there and some of the people get a little sensitive but you shouldn’t get on someones thread and bitch about their prices. If you wanna buy something make an offer but be respectful. And its pretty rude to go around trash talking about a whole group of people (teamzx2) when one person made you mad there i know most of the mods over there wouldnt just boot you for bitching about something you must have broke some rules. Hopefully you leaned your lesson and can get along better here.

I was cursed at by a moderator first , then I replied with the same cursing , and then band, go look . When I posted selling my headlights , all the moderators commented and cursed at me . They are all assholes over there ~

that sucks you had a bad experece ive never really felt that way towards the mod staff.

chill out, If I lost my temper and hunted down every dickhead that got me band that site would be a very quiet place. lol… I’m up to 9 or 10 times… I lost count… lol

I’ve just had it up to her man , I hate that site . I’m sorry I cursed , but If I could find the guy who banned me , I would beat him to a pulp. I could care less , I have more mods then most people on that site anyway . I hate west coast people .

There are good and bad people everywhere. I am not a fan of California, but some of the best people here and other forums live in California. Don’t get into thinking that everyone on a site or from a certain area is a certain way. Hopefully you’ll enjoy yourself a little more here, but be careful about what you put out there; you never know whose toes you’ll step on. We are a small community.


Alot of the people on team aren’t on the west coast, although a good portion of them are. The former owner of team actually lives in Florida (Xeno). In fact our owner and administrator (ZX2MS, Chris) moved down there not too long ago from the mid-west.

If they aren’t interested in your product, screw’em. Dont let it flow into others sale areas though, even if they are the instigators.

—Sensored— I’m from Cali, and miss it everyday… Just because you ran into a dick head on another site that may or may not be from Cali dont be throwing out blanket statments… It makes you no better than those retards that are on team, that by the way, are the reason your pissed off now.

Swearing at people will not change anything.

Easy easy. Overall, there is no major drama here. Sorta like teamzx2 is our family, and here we have the friends that we’ve chosen.

Please don’t post stuff like this on here. I don’t care if you got banned over there just don’t come here bitching about it. Leave the immature shit there. All of us here are grown ups. So deal with it. Thats all I have to say.

I’m sorry , my apoligies .

Comps been down seance last post…I was a little agravated in my last post… Sarry, you were rite to edit me.

I’m from southern california and i’ve been to several places and i’ll be honest there can be a great difference in people from simply a couple of cities from the same county but there is a great bunch of people all over the place as there are some people who are not cool in the same area. I have just learned to deal with it especially when ethnica and racial slurs are being made. Just be cool with those you deal with and remember, the love you receive is always equal to the love you put out. Peace.

  1. Welcome to the club, I’ve been banned too, but just like me you probably deserved it.
  2. You do a handful of mods, but some of them suck.
  3. If you cared less, why are you here bitching about it?

Hey man, I’ll just let you know, try to keep the negative stuff down. I get my pee pee slapped a bit for that a while ago. I know what you mean, and I want to say mean stuff sometimes too, but try to keep it under the rug.