bad vibration

i have a 99 mtx and i have a vibration only when i accelerate. sometimes its not that bad sometimes it real bad. any help would great. thanks

Welcome to the site, and welcome to owning a Z. These little cars can rattle something fierce, where is the vibration?

Does the steering wheel also rattle?
Is the rattle a sound and/or something you feel?
Turning (no acceleration) rattle?

yes the steering wheel does shake. it only shakes when i accelerate.

Check your tie rod end

Lift the front end and wiggle the wheels and you should notice some slippage.

I know for a fact its not the tie rod end. a bad tie rod would vibrate when I’m not on the gas too. It only does it when I’m on the gas. I can feel it through the shifter to.

I know for a fact its not the tie rod end. a bad tie rod would vibrate when I'm not on the gas too.

Ok, but last summer I had a shimmering. Thought it was a lose lug at first but after checking them all the problem persisted. As I accerated from about 20-50 it shook and after 50 it went away…at first.

Then one day on my way home from work, it shook very violently after 50. I didn’t know what it was but when I took it to the mechanic he pointed out tie rod, and the bushing on it was all mangled.

If you feel it in the shifter too, check the engine mounts. I’m thinking because the engine and transmission are under load when accerating.

Think of it this way, if you knew exactly what it was, you wouldn’t have posted. I doesn’t hurt to field a suggestion and check it out. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but I’m wrong because you checked it yourself.

how would i check the engine and trans mounts if there not broke?

You would be checking to see if they are broken… look at them if they are cracked they need to be replaced. The hardest one to see is the rear… In fact I still cant find it, and I need to get my ES bushings in.

check the axles for excessive play or loseness