Bad terminal

I think my battery ground cable is bad. When we first got the car the ground cable was all corroded. A bit of water and baking soda and everything was fine, but some buildup returned. Now my alarm system is going nuts, a tech seems to think there is a short somewhere. Taking it in to get serviced is gonna be a pain, but I dunno. How hard is it to change out the battery cables?

IDK but I hope you’re able to do it your self, cause’ they charge alot to replace them.


He means theres a short on the stock alarm system ! You dont have to wire anything , if something god aweful happens to anything that is the connected to the battery , it will pop a fuse and you’ll find it . It just sounds like something is loose . I would check all the wires on the security system . It could just be the hood sencer , or door sensors came loose or out of position , take a look ~

Try and look at the hood sencer , lift the hood , on the right hand side in between the battery and the intake , theres a plastic tab that pushes down when the hood is closed.

Also do you leave anything on when you lock your car up? a neon light ?..because that will trigger the alarm to go off ~Because it sences a electrical pull and think its be broken into ~

lol, there never was a stock alarm system on this car, thank god. No it was a code alarm brand that my alarm/stereo guy said he didn’t like how it was wired up. Since then I’ve junked the whole deal and put a better one in, no problems now. :smiley:

I have a stock alarm , keyless entry in my zx2 . This one night I left my Underglow lights on and locked the car with my stock remote , and went to work . All of a sudden the panic alarm is going off , because it thought it was being broken into . The factory alarm senced a 12 volt pull , it thought it was a door opening , or hood opening , as if someone was stealing the car .

Oh…that’s good information. Once I get my car back out…I will test that theory too.