Bad struts

I have a '99 and I have Sprint springs on it. I am assuming my struts are going out and have tried to locate struts that would fit with lowering springs, but I can’t find anything besides stock struts or coil overs. Should I just keep with the OEM when I install them. If I should, is there anything I can do to alleviate the compression that would cause?

1st. Welcome to the site! We all hope you enjoy your stay!

2nd. How do you like your sprints? I have ran them on my last 2 zx2’s and they are great.

3rs. There are options out there for struts setup for lowered zx2’s. Here is a link to get you started with that and other mods.

Check the part number on your struts though. I purchased the OEM S/R replacement struts which are setup to run the eibachs just to find out I had the same struts on my car from the factory.

As Mark just said, the Tokico’s from the S/R drop combination are stock for other ZX2’s as well. Depending on your milage, it could just be a matter of replacing them at this time due to “normal” wear and tear.

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  • Darron

I have an 03 that came with Tokicos, but I’m replacing them. The suspension is incredibly soft and is in need of replacement.

I think all the 03’s have the Tokico struts. Mine does. They just need upgraded springs.

Thanks guys. I have over 110,000 miles on my Z, so it has to be due time to change it. I am trying to rebuild it again. It was in top condition awhile ago winning quite a few races, but due to lack of funds it has fell under needing serious repair again. This is a quite weird question, but I have had my door panels off to paint them and the top part of my locks fell off ( the part that pokes through the door panel). Someone told me that there is a little plastic piece that holds the two parts together, is that true, or is that another welding job. I have ordered new struts and now just gotta find me the man power to get those frozen bolts off. :slight_smile: That is the part I hate about being a girl.

Regardless of sex most of the people on the forums are willing to help with stuff like that if you are close enough. Unless you are like me in Vancouver BC.

yeah. it shouldnt be too hard to find help.

To get the bolt off you need more leverage , try to pipes(cheater bar ) , stick them over the wrench’s you are using and push down and up, if the bolts break , just buy new ones,. as for the door pieces , do you mean the plastic part ? just screws on…

To get the bolt off you need more leverage , try to pipes(cheater bar)

Man I love physics class. I have a “cheater bar” also known as a “breaker bar” that is 6 foot in length. You might have to walk a little to turn it, but it’s effortless to turn anything.

You could also put some WD-40 on it, a.k.a. “shit.”
ME: “It won’t turn dad.”
Dad: “Just put some ‘shit’ on it and try again”
ME: “Sweet, it’s moving…”

Yea, I got some “shit” laying around here somewhere. I have quite a few breaker bars that have come in handy, but I have one strut that is slightly bent due to an old accident and nothing and no one can take that damn bolt out. I have tried WD-40, breaker bars, hammers, the strongest guy I know, kroil, everything and it just won’t budge at all.

Holy crap man, that is awsome.

I have tried WD-40, breaker bars, hammers, the strongest guy I know, kroil, everything and it just won't budge at all.

Have you tried cutting it off? Just use a metal cutting blade and cut straight down the bolt and nut. Cut as much as you can before hitting the body. Then use a screwdriver to pry it open.

Try a propane torch. Heat the bolt up, and try it then. I’ve done it dozens of times, and it usually works. Just keep wet rags close by, for you know what!