B - Waterflow. FINAL answer.......... WAIT!

Please make sure to find out what products this guy designs in the future and i’ll STAY clear of them!

B! Water flow, FINAL answer… WAIT!

Oh no thats right… you are indeed, an idiot.

I don’t think that you have to say “Final Answer” until $1,000.

What an idiot…A Junior? Probably is using a Surge Protector for his computer in the dorm right now.

I know, it’s sad.

I just love how he looks all confident and then goes “… WAIT” and they’re like “noo… i’m sorry…”


I don’t care how little sleep you’re running on…you should know surge protectors have little to do with water.

  • Darron

im astounded i thought everyone knew what a surge protector was

Jayco, you clearly don’ t deal with the general public on regular basis…

  • Darron
Jayco, you clearly don' t deal with the general public on regular basis....

I have. It’s not pretty.

I do as well…somehow I’m still sane after nearly 7yrs… Well, boarderline. :slight_smile:

  • Darron