B&M Shifter - Easy, nice, works great (10 easy steps)

Bought my B&M from vitaliy (vitviper from teamzx2.com), installed it in about 10 minutes flat, put a new shifter boot in, looks sexy, feels sexy and god it shifts WAY better than the stock shifter did.

Here’s 10 easy steps! Sounds like a weight loss program…

Simple walkthrough for you all…

  1. Remove e-brake console (2 screws on the side, 1 by each seat), slide it over the top of the ebrake and put it somewhere safe.

  2. Remove the shifter console, 4 tree pins (pull the tips out and they pop out, there is 2 on each side underneath your dash on the sides of it).

  3. Take off your shifter nob (right tighty lefty loosy)

  4. Slide your shifter console up and out after removing the last 2 screws which are located close to where the e-brake console was.

  5. Get under that car and take off the heat shield!

  6. Undo the linkage on the shifter, let the end of the linkage hang.

  7. Go back up, remove the spring holding in your shifter, using pliers, twist it out.

  8. Pull out the shifter and put the B&M in.

  9. Put the spring back in.

  10. Repeat the order in which you took it apart, put it back together.

Enjoy your new short, sexy, nice shifts.


Care to point us out to those ES bushings? And you can get away w/o using that spring… I have no idea how to put it back in.

Sal it just pushes back in a litte at a time…

Yo derek… when you put the shifter in where you missing a clip ring on the inside of the ‘cup’ (the part that has the blue upper bushing that the shifter actually goes through)???

When I went to install mine I lost that piece and had to ‘creatively’ create a new one. =)

I agree, can you explain the bushings a li’l bit? Also…what’s the difference between the two items on ZXtuner for Rod bushings? Manufaturer?

  • Darron

Nice how-to…all we need now is some pictures and a tools list…then sticky it and it will be perfect.

I’m willing to get you guys and gals pictures this weekend. I gotta jack up the god damn zx2 this weekend to do some brake work anyhow, so I figure i’ll post some pictures of the bottom of the shifter, the bushings, etc.

My apologies to anyone expecting the info on the rest of the shifter with pics… I ended up syncing the carbs on my bike and rechecking some things on the ninja instead… i should be getting it this weekend coming up…