Axiom Edge Facia

Time has come for me to let it go. There is some damage but its not unfixable. This is the rearest facia for the ZX2 7 were built total 2 are still in existance. This is one of the 2. Not looking to get into shipping it so hopefully you live close enough to pick it up of meet me. Im asking $200. The original price was $800


my email is if you have any questions

Sad to see it go. I didn’t know that you came on the boards anymore. You might remember me…long ago on rider you sold me that valve cover that was grey. With it got oil on the valve cover and i painted it blue. This was years ago…but figure to say hi and give you a bump

i remember. the cover looks good. i dont visit the boards as much. just busy i guess. i just dont have time to fix it and its the premier facia for the ZX2. Only 7 were built.

I want it. Anyway that you possibly could ship it? I have the money…

nice front.

thanks corby it is the most original facia iv ever seen.

mello emasil me your address ill see what i can do. just getting a box that big is the issue,