Axiom Design

Does anybody know what happened to Axiom Design Solutions. There webpage is gone and that was the one kit for my Z that I actually wanted.

Not sure. i believe they are not around anymore.

I do believe there were some really bad health complications that came up for the owner/operator and they are no longer in business.

  • Darron

There out of buisness and owe a lot of ppl money. THey were paid for parts and never produced the product. They are listed on our “Do not buy from list.” Many ppl on this and the Chevy SSR boards were left high and dry. Axiom sold the mold for the SSR to Street Concepts and they are honoring the prior orders. The ZX2 mold is almost useless it needs a complete retooling. My Axiom front was the last one out of that mold now the fitment was 100% perfect, but there was a LOT OF AIR BUBBLES. That means the mold needs to be retooled. So the only way i know of to get a Axiom Facia is to make either Chipzx2 or myself a offer we cant refuse. lol at least with our’s we fixed the air pockets and added a few layers or fiberglass to stiffen her up.

Do you know where the mold is for the ZX2?