Avatar, Sig Problems

Alright I know the vbullitin board pretty well… but the lay out on this forum I am having trouble loading a pic from my computer for my avatar, same with my sig… I also tryed using URLs of photos from my cardomain and that didnt work for me either?

How do I fix these problems? N E suggestions? Thanks Jon

What error message or trouble are you having exactly?

It says the file size is to big, and or invalid URL… I am kind of newbosh when it come to uploading files and such but I usually can stumble my way through… But I’m having some trouble this time :slight_smile:

how big is the avatar you are trying to use?

(edit) the dimensions were small from the last forum. I bumped them up more. Size is now 16kb with 150x150 in size, try again :slight_smile: