auto to manual

I was just curious about how much it would cost and maybe a list of the parts needed?

This isn’t the how-to, but it’s an estimated cost and list of parts from the guy that has probably done the most swaps that isn’t a mechanic for a living. If you search that site you can find his, very informative, how-to.

  • Darron

Allright thanks

i have most of the parts minus pedal and slave cylinder

well i do plan on getting a manual tranny swap, it wont be for a while since im still in high school and going to college this fall, but probably next summer ill go for the swap.

Maybe you should have, I don’t know, read the post at the top of this forum. I’ve done the swap in another car, when I wrote that how-to, for less then $800. The best way is to find a wrecked ZX2 with all the parts you need and buy it cheap. Then after you take what you need from it, sell the rest and make back some money.