Auto cross in Selby show!

A few mounths ago I got to auto cross my 03’ ZX2 in the Shelby Auto show in Great Bend Ks. I did pretty well to since about half of the cars were 65’-70’ it was pretty easy to bet there times. There was about 20 cars and I finished in the top quarter of the field. I would like to keep auto crossing but tires are gonna get expensive. Anybody know of a good handling car to use in an auto cross besides a ZX2. Ive been trying to fine a S14 body style 240SX to make into an autocross car but haven’t had much luck finding one. By the way if you do know of a car it needs to be cheap.

Tell you the truth, with an S/R setup and rear sway bar, a zx2 can handle really good and compare it to civics and mostly anything else, I think it can out handle them.

Yea, in my car I can fly around corners here. The S/R setup is deff good compared to stock cars. Ugh, PM Foos Fight, he had stock till he went with eibach and tokic, he could tell you the difference (amongst others here).

Unfortunately I can really only tell you the ride difference. lol I never really pushed my car’s handling stock, and never really now, so… I’m a lot more comfortable with the set up I have now than stock though. :slight_smile:

  • Darron