ATX ZX2 Vs Hahn-Duh

I didn’t take notice of exactly what trim this Civic was…but while I was driving down a 50mph road yesterday in Miranda’s Z at about 55, this blue Civic coupe goes past us at about 65-70. I said, “hurry on up to that redlight” knowing the timing of the lights on the road. So I figured I’d keep my pace up a bit so I’d stop next to him singing like the Foo Fighters, “It’s times like these, I wish I had my car!” But that didn’t matter because I had that fool do 5 or 6 ricer flybys after whooping his ass with her ATX. Miranda was very excited to have witnessed this event and was clapping and squealing, “We whooped 'em in MY car!!!” I was suprised how terribly I whooped on 'im. 7-8 car lengths by 55. Even from a 25 roll to 60 he got stomped. Yay for dumb guys in dumb Hahn-duhs.

  • Darron

ATX Zs can be fairly decent… My brother commented on how well mine picked up after a chip, UDP and intake. It was a lot of fun.

It’s even funnier when you dump the clutch on a BMW 2.5 and whoop them by a few car lenths and get to the next light and there like “What kinda car is that?”