atx owners

hey, I own a 98 ATX zx2 and was just wondering what kind of mods other atx users have had good luck with and what they have done. Right now its not possible for me to do an mtx swap, so besides that if anyone has some advice, tips, or suggestions that would be great. So far all i have done is pull the knock sensor, keman intake and probably going to be getting an ebay intake and throwing a kn filter on it. Thanks in advance

you can do all the same mods as an MTX minus the things like clutch/flywheel, etc.

Underdrive pulley, ignition, intake, header, exhaust, etc.

Another thing universally that both the mtx and atx love are suspension mods :wink: suspension doesn’t discriminate on your tranny. Fact of the matter is that after a lot of mods to atx you end up being as fast as a stock mtx. So it is worth it in the long run for power to swap to the mtx. But you’ll at least notice the difference now.

Biggest thing I can push for that you never see a lot of is people doing maintenance. Do the full maintenance the car requires to get it her up to par. Below I listed some of the areas were you would want to do. Once you get this all done, I would recommend some kind of tuner kit from superchips or your favorite company.

Maintenance items:
-Plugs-Spark is everything
-Wires- To much resistance in a old wire can cause loss in spark
-Pcv-Blow by gas needs to be filtered out or causes to much sludge
-Fuel Filter- Fuel restriction
-Air filter- Air restriction
-Maf Cleaner- Computer will not read incoming air correctly
-Tire pressure- Less psi equals more drag on the tires.

-Chip-Changes timing and shift points
-UDP(under drive pulley)- Free up heavy mass rotation
-Weight reduction

Not sure on how much your budget is.

Thanks, that was helpful. Right now my budget isn’t a lot. I’m a college kid so that kind of says a lot. I did want to do a chip because of the shifting of shift points and timing changes but wanted to wait till after i put on the intake and exhaust at least.

Also i was wanting to get one of powders pullies from teamzx2 since those are supposed to be the best. It claims a dyno proven 5 whp…my only question is can you feel 5 whp? I know every little bit helps, just curious.

lastly i was reading about headers, from what i’ve read kami’s are the best, i just don’t know how much of a gain i will see from getting one. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find some dyno numbers or anything really but haven’t been able to, so if anyone knows from personal experience or what they’ve heard from others if you could pass that on to me that would be greatly appreciated.

Upd’s are great. Powder does make a awesome under drive pulley. With this though it will have a drain on your power at idle since your car can’t keep up with the alternator. Do you have a system or not? Do you sit in traffic a lot? If you do get those ask him if he is still making the pulley for the alternator as well.

Kami is suppose to be one of the best. The 4-2-1 header from like zxtuner is also great as well. One of my buddy’s on a different board will be hopefully dynoing the both to see which one is better than other. 4-1 could give you a great higher end while the 4-2-1 could help with mid to lower.

Powder makes an ODP for the alt?

Im going to have to get in touch with him!

yeah he makes an odp, there is some minor work you have to do to fit it on there correctly, if i remember right. But no i don’t have any speaker system or anything, everything is stock so i was assuming i didn’t need to get an odp. Once your friend gets the dyno numbers please send them to me, that’d be great to see what it did for him.

Ya ill you guys know what he makes. Not sure when this will be could be but he said hopefully in the summer time so far.

Only thing with a udp is when sitting for a long time you could drain your battery after awhile. Also with lights on and such it could do it more. I would ask powder on what the power is with all the electrical components on and what the DVOM reads at idle

I have been using the Esslinger UDP, which is larger than Powder’s, and have never ran into a problem with the battery going dead if left idle. I’ve had the UDP for 5 years.

As for the ATX mods, biggest bang for your buck would be the SCT $400 and you car will be all sorts of fun.

yeah i have heard lots of good things about getting an sct, i just thought that i should wait till after i get more of my “planned” bolt-ons installed…is that true? Don’t the mods have to be taken into account? Maybe im mistaken…

You won’t need to concern yourself with the bolt-on. They only free up power that was there in the first place. The only time you have to worry about the programing of the computer is when you change something big, electronicly mostly. Examples: O2 sensors (maybe), MAF (definitely), Cams (possibly) or adding forced insurance.

Doesnt the state make us take forced insurance?!? lol!


What idot wrote that? Forced insurance? Supid state government.

lol its all good Nick!