Asking help from Europe

Hello there! I’m a happy owner of a 98 zx2 from Hungary, Europe. My first problem is that I don’t know where can I get parts for my car. Can anyone help me how can I get parts for this car in europe? Or do you know which cars have same parts like zx? My nother problem is that my rpm is droping down sometimes for a sec and when i drive on over a hump. What should this be?

arabbazsi! First off, a warm welcome to the site! It is not often we get to see members from europe on here, welcome to zx2ms :slight_smile:

I do believe these are a few places in europe which are direct ford distributors for parts. Might be worth contacting them.

here is ford’s official site for hungary, if you are able to put in your postal code in the orange search directory it should bring up a map with authorized ford distributors of parts for you.

Under “Márkakereskedések” you can search.

When you go over a bump the rpms drop, does the car surge or cut out, or does it stall? Or the rpms just drop?

well since your car was grey market imported, it might make your parts search a little daunting, but here’s a few european market vehicles that can help you with getting some of the basic parts…

engine: a 2.0 liter vct zetec engine from a 1997-1999 ford mondeo or cougar has the same internal components.

transmission: a 1990-1995 mazda 323/eunos, or mx3 can contribute parts, as well as the ford escape suv

brakes/suspension: 1990-1995 mazda 323/eunos/mx3

as for other oem ford parts, i can assist if you don’t mind the delivery wait from the usa to hungary. i am a ford parts retailer and can supply most anything on the car.


And is purely awesome!

Thank you very much for the welcome. And also thanks for the info about the parts. It’s a great help. The time is no problem but the cost for shiping.

Yeah the engine also stall for a sec. Even it stops running if i’m not on the gas sometimes.

A zx2 in europe thats the shizz!!! The stall could be a couple of different things… from a vac leak to something maybe a little more to worry about. My car was randomly stalling and I found out it was crank walk :frowning:… hopfully this is not your story, expecially since these parts are harder for you to get.