Now that I’m in Grand Ole’ England, I’ve been buying all kinds of stuff to fit on the Z whence I come home… S/R Toki’s, Rear Disks, UDP, etc…

What has everyone else been doing for their cars?

I already have a S/R, so, I did the stuff that is listed in my signature found below.

giving her a tour of the country… lol! havent done much cept new tires, and short shifter, and driving


got it flat black … still trying to find some more money for the motor and stuff … plans are delayed thanks to the 4 cyl stang daily driver taking a dump

Haven’t been working on my Zx2. Been more focused on getting my Eagle Talon on the road for the winter.

Sounds like everyone but HKS is just doing slight maintenance stuff.
HKS, on the other hand, has gone off the deep end, LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

well hell i coulda told ya that two years ago when i joined … i mean i got the interior gutted, painted, and put back ( well the door panels and dash and center console cuz thats all thats going back ) im waiting on my seats to get here … waiting till i get money from my big check ( i work construction and im on a scale job 20 bucks an hour instead of 12) to get my rims and then its motor which i have 200 saved up for we already got the 4 cyl motor out but are saving it for a toy ( my friend welds … think shifter cart powered by zetec ) plus did anyone notice my front bumper in the pic?

wait till i get my car paid off… hopefully next summer at the latest!!!

i got lotsa money being put away for the payoff… then ill go insane!!!

I think I’m about done with my performance mods. Not really much more I’d like to do. Now that I’m not driving it in the winter I’d like to get some underbody neons, and the only other thing I can think of that I’d like to get are some C/F Altezzas. But I don’t wanna fork over $200-250 for 'em.

  • Darron

If you wanna list of what I have done, let me know.

Post the list, Darron.

Kamikaze Header (Jet Hot Coated)
CTA Intake
MSD Ignition Coil
Ford Racing Wires
Custom “cat”-back with Borla Pro XS
Sony Head unit
Planet Audio everything else
Drag DR-5 Rims with Nitto Neo-Gen tires (205/40R17)

I think that’s it…

  • Darron

Does the MSD Coil Pack really do anything for you? Or do you see the gains when you add on a MSD Ignition 6A 6200?

I honestly haven’t really seen any difference because of it. I’m sure it cleaned it up a li’l because it’s better/more efficient, but not really noticable. But I should change my plugs…it’s been a really long time. Like…3-4 years… :shock: Maybe I should do that today with my oil change…

  • Darron

Shamey-shamey Darron!!! 3-4 years???

I changed 'em the first year I had the car and I got it in '01…so it was probably summer of '02 I changed 'em. I’ve got 78k on it now and bought it with 21k. I changed the plugs yesterday and it seems to run a lot smoother…especially first thing in the morning…

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