Anyone working on their ZX2 right now?

Anyone working on their ZX2 lately at all? I am slowly collecting S/R parts to build my clone. Hoping to convert my 98 with the basics for fun.

Just put in clutch master/slave cylinders and alternator. Raybestos Element3 front brakes and rotors on shelf to put on. Power capacitor for my radio got toasted when my voltage regulator went bad so new on the shelf. New(reman) LXQ2 ecm from flagship on shelf (I have superchip to go with it). Currently running a NGP0 but my butt dyno liked the LXQ2/superchip combo better until the original LXQ2 died. New leather e-brake and gear shift boots on shelf. JBA header on shelf… want to buy a truebendz exhaust to install at the same time but don’t really want to shell out the cash. lol I also have a 2003 front end to put on the car but I’m unsure how it will look with the wings west side skirts. Also have a different wing to put on that came off a chevy z34. Set of ddm tuning HID lights. Anyone know where I can buy a set of headlights with the insides painted black(not tinted lens… just black insides)? Would love to have a carbon fiber hood for it (anyone know of any good ones we can still buy)? Too busy right now to do much work on it but I absolutely love this little car!

Im working on installing a new progressive nitrous controller and new power and geound distribution with better sheilded wire.

Have a wide-band O2 to install, planning on having the driver seat and headliner re-done, and after All-Ford-Nationals it’s going under the knife for some rust repair and a new paint job (the factory paint is tired, and wearing off in places)