Anyone try this cold air intake mod?

I have removed the lower resonator, and was looking into this mod. I was just curious if any on this forum have given it a go?

The only worry I would have is water getting up into there, I live in BC/Canada and it rains here alot heh :slight_smile:

If a bit of water did manage to get up through the filter, would it fok up my engine?

  • Thanks, Chris

It will not be a problem because the water would have to travel straight up the intake. Dropplets are no problem, but don’t go driving through puddles…ever. Otherwize say good-bye to your engine.

I wouldn’t go ram air unless it is placed at least at bumper height.

yeah i dont think rain will be a problem. another tip in addition to mirrorguardian’s tip is never hose off ur engine, that could cause alotta unwanted problems.

I gots a K&N filter , do you suggest then that I just remove the top part of the housing like mirrorguardian has done?

I could just run the cold air intake hose into the lower res bay, and not directly “hose” it to the intake itself. I’m not sure if this will be much of a difference if any though?

yeah you could take off the top of the housing… but you could drill a few holes… it’ll look a lil cleaner… you could also drill holes on the bottom of the housing.

I just modify my stock intake that way:

water free and no upper resonator

well if ur gonna do that… just go all the way and get a hotshot CAI or an intake from the v6 accord.

I don’t think you’d see any gain from that. Plus like they said, you risk sucking up water should you go through a deep enough puddle. Just cut your stock air box off at the end of “Air Filter” and call it a day. Oh yeah, and get some flared exhaust tubing for the upper resonater. (do a search of the forum for info on that one)

  • Darron

What I did is put the front of my car up on stands and took a 2.5" hole saw bit and drilled a hole in the bottom of that empty void where the lower resinator goes… When I take it outta gear, and am coasting, my idel is up around 1,200 until I slow down to 30ish and it goes back to normal. It only happens when going 50+ mph.

^Huh…? What’s that mean?

  • Darron

Means that he has ram air. More air going through the intake which trigers the computer to add more fuel therefore rasises the idle while at speeds of 50+mph.

i was going to say the same thing it will add hp but anly a few and only at 50+mph

A True RamAir set-up has to be Totally Sealed so the system can pressurize . You’ll need a large Scoop in the grill with at least 4" duct to the filter can and a Short(13") duct to the TB elbow . The Only openings are at the Scoop and the TB , no vacuum tubes or holes anywhere , it has to be SEALED .

I’ve used it on the Z since ’ 97 , works great , actually I’ve had RamAir on my cars since ’ 60 .

Most people will say it doesn’t , will they probably didn’t do it right or they heard it dosen’t work , probably from somebody that never tried it or has no clue as to what it is . Try it before you badmouth it , because you really won’t know till you do .

Water is no problem , if it’s deep stay out of it . Driving in the rain , the engine runs smooth with more power (cool dense air) . Better milage overall , better response . On a Cold Day it’ll Suprise the hell out of ya , feels like it picked-up 20 HP .

And thats why I love the winter!

JohnP, thanks for the extra info.

For the record…I personally never bashed Ram-air, 'cause I know it can work, and I also new it only mattered over a certain speed. :slight_smile: But since I don’t know how to make that work (completely sealed) I’m not gonna bother with it.

  • Darron

I have a Ram Air system that I can Connect to the short- ram intake part, disconnecting the lower part of my cold air intake. My ram air has a chrome funnel, which I put in place of my left headlight (only on the track). At first, it was a pain, but I’ve gotten quite good, and quick, at the install. There is a definite increase in throttle response. Especially at, or above, 30 km/h. It rocks!

ill tell ya whats sweet drilling a few good holes down at the bottom of the fender well not real big holes just a few decent size ones to let that cold air really flow remember not to big you don’t wanna suck up any bullshit and make sure you primer them up on both sides after your done :wink: