Anyone in Mid Michigan

Anyone in Mid Michigan? Flint, Saginaw, etc…

You’re in MI now? I’m in Toledo, OH, which isn’t real far. Just over the OH/MI boarder. According to MSN’s map/direction thing online, it’ll be about an hour and a half, but I live probably a half hour closer than it started. Ann Arbor seems about half way between us, a li’l more my way. I know it’s about a half hour to 45 min from here to Ann Arbor.

  • Darron

I am in annarbor michigan.

i am located in houghton lake michigan which is 2 1/2 hours from flint

i’m in novi mi.

might want to check that karma before you get too involved with this guy

Mt.Pleasant here

Yeah I live in Clarkston, Mi and I go to school at Kettering in Flint, MI so I am up there all the time