anyone in MI up for a cruise?

yes i know it sounds dumb but me and some of my 4-banger friends are starting the most ghetto cruise around, the hall road (m-59) cruise tomorrow night (saturday, 9/4) we plan on going out around 9-10ish and i dunno goin around for a while just to have fun and what not but ya we’re starting in clinton township by gratiot, more specifically barrymores and going to maybe schoennhoer or farther but thats where the turnarounds will be, so ya if you’re really bored tomorrow and show off your sweet contour compared to everyone elses crappy car feel free to join if you cant find us just look for the black se (mostly likely with subs blaring), blue zx2 escort, and a SC2 Saturn with exhaust, theres more coming but those are pretty much the most noticable

How far’s that from Toledo? Depending on the distance, I may come. Not tomorrow, but if you keep posting when you’re gonna go, I’ll try to make it out at least once.

  • Darron

from toledo, that would be about a 3 hour drive. we plan on doing this every saturday so if you want to make the trip up here ill help you pay for gas :slight_smile:

It’ll probably have to wait 'till next year because of the lenght of driving, I’m going back to school next month and this month’s booked up. So if you guys are gonna keep doing it next year I’ll make the trip some day in August or later.

  • Darron

How far ya from annarbor/ypsilanti???

OOOOPS, that was over a year ago???

lol no prob. It never happened for me this year anyway with getting married and buying a house. Hopefully by next spring/summer we’ll be good enough to be able to head up there for a cruise if dude’s still up for it.

  • Darron