Anyone in Florida?

Any florida tuners out there?

Iam int he Orlando area. Cell #1.608.513.1453 Name is Chris :wink: Call me up sometime.

thats awsome man, i live in Eustis and on the weekends go to kissimmee, names Adam my cell is (352) 636-2815 i know of two other zx2 guys that i meet up with in lakeland saterday nights, im in a carclub there

You wanna meet up this sat night? Go to your car club? I’ll bring the Z :stuck_out_tongue:

actually my car was just put in the shop less than an hour ago, i brought it into the chrysler dealership to get my oil changed and when i left less than a mile it started bogging down and i think its either the fuel injectors or the fuel filter…but they wont be abr to look at it till monday

Check what brand oil they put in it? out of curiosity, why a chrysler dealership?

cuzz my mom has a pt cruizer and said if i meet her there shed pay for mine too

cuzz my mom has a pt cruizer and said if i meet her there shed pay for mine too

lol! good reason! have them re-check the weight of the oil. Also if you use synthetic (i know someone is gonig to argue this point) make sure they replace with synthetic.

Just to head of the argument, I started using Royal Purple, I’ve noticed a change in how smooth the car runs.

i dont think ive heard of that but ill look into it…well it was the timing belt that was messed up on the car. $300 to get it fixed.

Hey is anyone going to daytona nationals march 21?

im in Daytona beach Florida here, and boosted.

Bump for Florida! I live in Navarre in the panhandle between Pensacola and Fort Walton Beach/Destin.