Any tips for getting the pilot bearing out?

I have a slide hammer which I am sure I picked up for the sole use of digging it out last time. I just can’t remember what I used for an attachment to get it out. There is nothing in the set that is small enough to get in to hook it. Any tricks that anyone else has used? Thanks!

the old school trick was get an old trans input shaft or find a dowel of similar size…

Fill the pilot bearing cavity with grease, then insert the dowel and with a hammer pound into the greased hole allowing it to act as a hydraulic piston, forcing the pilot bearing out.


I tried the grease trick before with negative results. I’ll give it another try I guess. Now that I think about it, I may have just destroyed the old bearing to get it out.

then its hammer and chisel time… :wink:

I think theres a puller that you can rent at autoparts stores, i’ve never pulled one out though, only installed them

i know this sounds weird put it works. use a dowel that is very close to the size of the hole. get a roll of tp and a bowl of water . get some of the tp wet pack it in the hole hammer the dowel in the hole then remove it . pack in more tp and repeat until it comes out. it works !!

The hydraulic pressing of a pilot bearing works best if it went in smooth and will come out smooth. It requires a lot of force to force it out. I made a home made slidehammer that consisted of a heavy socket for an axle (like a huge 32mm socket) and a big concrete bolt. I then threaded a few nuts on it to tighten it down onto the inner race. I did this on my Porsche 944, worked like a charm. Here’s a pic.