Another spring / strut combo question

looking recommendations for a strut/spring combo for a DD that the driver likes to play on twisty roads with. not an autocrosser, but might be getting into it - handling is primary.

am currently running a 21mm rsb, want to have the suspension compliment it.

Thanks for any and all suggestions

I have been running progress springs, and the S/R struts for a long time now… They do all well… Several tuners who have ridden in my car have went to this set up…

I am currently running S/R struts with Ground Control coil overs (300lbs in the front and 200 in the rear I think) The ride quality isnt horrible but it is stiff!

Thanks for the input guys.

So far 2 votes for S/R struts (which I kinda figured).
Springs divided.

Maybe someone else will chime in

i’ve run quite a few diff sets of lowering springs over the years and i’ve found in order from soft to hard is sprint - megan/zxtuner/dropzone/enter your brand name for chinese made spring here - progress - eibach - intrax.

really none of them are bad for a daily driver, so since we’re talking zx2 here its probaly gonna come down to current availability and value.

my fave is the progress with 19mm rsb and s/r struts.


I ran mine with the 19mmm also…

Well the 21 is already on the car and I might swap it out for a 19 in the future, but not right now…

Rob - Thanks for the list on the progression of the stiffness of the various spring sets. Out of curiosity, and if you know, where would the stock springs fit in the line up as far as stiffness?

Right now I’m leaning towards the Progress - IF I can find a set. If not I’m split between the Eibachs and the Dropzones.

The Eibachs because they were the S/R springs and as as such should be an ideal match for the car.

Then again, a softer spring with the larger sway bar might be the way to go - hence the drop zones.

Have to think on this one.

All the spring sets are firmer than the stockers - the softest of sport springs are noticably stiffer than stock (except perhaps the sprint rears - they are mucho soft)

As for bar sizes, the 21mm rsb / sport springs is a good way to go too but be aware you no longer have an understeering or neutral handling car, the 21mm and the stiffer rear spring will put you into oversteer territory, which is not a bad thing if you learned how to performance drive on older porsche 911’s lol.

Just be aware of it.

I learned on old Porsche 911’s… :slight_smile:

I had a freind with dropzones and 21mm… wasn’t bad… but another car I drove had the 19mm and dropzones… didn’t like it for crap… felt all crossed up…

Thanks for the info and the heads up. I kinda knew that I was venturing into the oversteer world when I bought the bar.

Lucky on the 911 - I learned to drive on domestics-hell, I practically grew up in the back seat of a 69 Firebird. I was 8 at the time when they bought it off the showroom floor. I learned to drive stick in that car.

Most of my performance driving has been Mustangs though - ranging from 66s to 95. Most had modified suspension - as even in my younger years, I liked the corners more than a straight line.


Could you be a little more specific as to your comments? like on the DZ and 21mm - why was it only ‘not bad’? What kept it from being great in your book?

On the DZ and 19mm - ‘crossed up’? If you would be so kind, please explain.

Once again thanks for the input.

Edit: Does anyone know the spring rates for the various sets? if they are progressive or linear? Are there any other chassis that the struts / spring will work with our chassis - MX3 or Focus for example? Does any one know where H&R springs would fit in the line up of spring sets in regards to stiffness? So many questions :smiley:

Cant tell you spring rates… And as for the Porsche,it was one of my grand pa’s race cars from his shop… not that lucky… :frowning:

I grew up in my grandpa’s shop working on suspensions… I am no expert… That being said; The 21 is what Ultramac was running when I put his DZ’s in. After I did a field alignment and test drove it with 17’s and 205/40’s on I remember thinking that it was nice stable ride. It was not aww inspiring, but it was not bad either… A little soft for my taste…

The other DZ vehicle that I drove would be Mellowness… It had the 19mm swaybar… It was very awkward… I wasn’t very impressed, it felt very unbalanced… Now that Im thinking about it, that difference could be because of the alignments, or maybe mellow’s car was in an accident before…

Either way i would go with the Progress. I have driven all of them and I like it the best. and using it with the 19mm is all sex… :wink:

never been in an accident, but it did have an automatic trans at the time so weight balance would be more forward

That was probably it… I also drive on clutch using the engine break ofter… you combine my style of driving to the extra front weight… Thanks mellowness for the assist…

Thanks again guys.

I’ll continue to look for a set of progress springs as I research alternatives.