Announce ZX2MS is online on Facebook?

Chris, I don’t have facebook, but perhaps you could post on Facebook ZX2 sites such as the Teamzx2 one that ZX2ms is now active, maybe we can get some of the Tzx2 traffic back. Evilzx2 created a site to try to keep the tzx2 data going, but since you brought this back with archived data it might be a better start.

I don’t see Jeff and Ben getting Tzx2 back up and running with how much of a dick Vit is being.

I’ve posted a couple times that the site is back up. Feel free to do more promotion. :wink:

Also whats the story with the site going down?

Jeff and Ben bought the site from Carl. The site was always hosted on a server by Vit, well apparently Vit moved to North Carolina and unplugged the server without warning and refuses to plug it back in, provide a back up or anything. He’s being a dink and said he’d do it for $10k. I guess Jeff is going to try legal action now.

Well color me surprised… lol Anyways I am open arms to anyone who wants a ZX2 community again.

I mean, he’s always been a dick, but now he’s turned into a straight-up faggit asshole… what a fucking toolbag…

truer words, have never been spoken.

Im too young to have ever been here for TZX2 but if theres going to be another ZX2 community, count me in. Greatest first car ever :smiley:

I’ve been using #zx2motorsports alot on instagram :slight_smile:

follow me @ project_no._zx2 !!!

I’m sure that could happen on here, perhaps Chris will chime in. It’d be nice to see Jeff or Ben active on here and/or evilzx2s to see what’s up. I feel like the community is so small with teamzx2 zx2ms, evilzx2s, and FEOA there are just too many sites with not enough traffic anymore.

Check Ben’s Youtubz. Looks like finally swapped that SVT engine in. Gears and Gasoline is the handle.

I’m still down to litigate with the cocksucker. This would bring infinite joy to me to have him bent over (if we have a legal footing).