aluminum intake manifold

[url=] ... 0202646313[/url]

the link above is to an ebay page selling an aluminum intake manifold designed for the 00-04 zetec powered focus. will this work with the zetec powered 98-03 zx2?? if not is there a high flow intake manifold available for the zx2? ive looked relentlessly and cannot find one specified for it. thanx.

i think this is the first gen frim, it’s not a perfect fit but can be adapted to the zx2

This manifold should be a direct bolt on. When purchasing, look for the matching Throttle body. It is listed in the Ford Racing Catalog PDF.

Ya that is a Ford Racing Intake manifold. With this though sometimes you had to slot it in order to get it matched up/bolt up on the head. I know the newer versions do not have this problem yet I can’t tell from that pic on which version it is.