alternator and belt ?

well i was driving my way home from a car show and i accidntly threw car into 3rd gear instead of 5th messing with my friend and after i did that the battery light clicked on and went away no if i go over 4 grand it comes on then it went down to 3 grand and itll kick on the belt has a lil rip in it but still spins i hade it running and took the pos. cable off the batt and it still ran perfect is there another way 2 check my alt to see if its badd

Yes what i do is use a DVOM (Digital Volt Ohm Meter). You can get these cheap from sears. With this put it on positive red wire and black wire on ground and check to see the voltage. It should be 14.6 roughly with the car on. If you have a slippin belt when driving this could cause issues as well like it sounds.

i posted on team zx2 and alot of guys were just b/sing around i tested the battery now ill go out and try to reach down and test the alt ill try i am going to change the belt tongiht too

ya a bad tensor will do it up if the belt gets too loose and slips at higher rpm’s

well i just replaced the belt today and no luck light still comes on

did you get a dvom and see the out put of the alt?

i tryed i couldnt get my hand in there i got a alt on the way now

if it was the tensioner, the belt would have fallen off already.

pretty sure its the alternator itself. easy fix.

Here is a thought.

If the alternator was good, then the battery would be charged. If it is charged, even at high RPMs the battery should make up for the power drop from the alternator.

Normally driving conditions means the RPMs should be between 1,500 - 3,000 RPMs. If the tensioner is doing it’s job, you never lose your charge, but if the tensioner does slip at higher RPMs which there is more draw on the battery, then could the battery could die faster.

Another test, would be to turn the car on with the hood up and Rev the car. You should see belt stop or not, then you have your answer, one way or another.