All-Ford Show

I’m still debating whether or not to go to the All Ford Show in Carlisle, PA…anyone planning on going?

Where in PA and when?

when is it … after march i should be done

its the first weekend in june 456 i think i want to go but i cant get out of work i might come down to give support to fellow zx2tuners thought ill post if im going to be there

If Tom can get out of work we might come down.

It’s still a debate for me, but most likely I’ll be going.

and it’s in Carlisle, PA mirror…4-6 June sounds right; I’ll have to double check the site tomorrow…(been fighting with the stupid lights in the Z, and really don’t feel like looking much up)

I just Googled the drive. That’s a bit far. Maybe I’ll change my mind later, who knows.

I will be there supporting all the ZXtuners with my Z. I am palnning on going to all the big shows in PA this year from Pittsburgh over to Philly. I will be giving credit to all of you peoples.

Zark if u want theres a cinda big show up by me on june 18 at nay aug park theres at least 350-400 cars every year and its top 25 winners only
they are giving at least 2 sport compacts AWARD i was the first domestic sport compact winner last year. If u want to go im me or just get a hold of me

dude… ill be off that week!!! I usually take a couple of days off for my b-day, June 15th!

cool theres a few zx2 coming to te show that wekend