All Ford Car Show

Hey there! For all interested, there’s an All Ford Car Show in…Milwaukee?..Wisconsin on July 24th at Soeren’s Ford. All interested are welcome to attend. I know I’m making the trek from Ohio to be there and can’t wait. Hope to see more of ya there this year. (Especially if your car has less done than mine. :slight_smile: )

  • Darron

I am going :wink: Hey Daron… you will have to let me know if you plan on stayin here with me?? I am sure you are but let me know :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone else who wants to go can stay here at my place too. Just let me know!

hmmm…I might be able to make it, I’ve been wanting to show my car for some time now. I’ve gotta see what happens with work and what-not

I’d like to go if work slows down some. Business is still goin crazy down here and the new guys are killin us.

THIS WEEKEND! Tigress and I leave tomorrow (Fri) for ZX2MS’ house to stay for the show! Anyone else wanting to come let us know. It’s Sunday morning/afternoon.

  • Darron

Well…it’s over. Y’all best show up next year! Here’s the pics!

  • Darron