Air sensor mod?....anyone try it ?....the resistor mod?

Has anyone tried the Air sensor mod in here?..I’m gonna go for it ~


The POTs mod? I haven’t, but I know there are many that have.

  • Darron

Resistor Mod is a bad MOD.

The way it works is that it sends a lower voltage which translates into cooler air comming into the engine. So the engine compensates by adding more fuel.

Problem is if you put it in wrong, you can melt the wires. (I’m Guilty)

DON’T USE A RESISTOR! It’s widely known that our ECUs “learn” modifications on sensors, and if you use too high resistance you may flood the engine when you start the ignition. Instead go to Radioshack and buy 2) 0-50k Ohm potentiometers with knobs of your choice solder them in line to your AIT sensor return(not so much gain) and coolant temp sensor return (check wires with a volt-meter by un-plugging either sensor with car running, ground to frame and touch each lead with pos probe. the lead that shows 0 voltage is the one you tap into) run your newly spliced wires into the car and drill two holes where you feel comfortable adjusting your new “power” with the pots installed- 1.DO NOT RUN CAR FOR LONG PERIODS WITH THEM ON FULL BLAST( car will overheat due to CTS not activating coolant fan,because ecu thinks the engine is cooler -don’t believe me - watch the temp gauge rise to red- especially at red lights) 2. TURN THEM OFF BEFORE TURNING CAR OFF ( you chance fouling your plugs or flooding engine if you try to start the car with them full blast cause you forgot to turn them off)
I mounted mine on the plastic molding in front of my power window/locks, but put 'em wherever you have MEMORABLE access
these two POTS will adjust spark timing and fuel delivery (more gas/ more spark)

Some people on ebay have Kinda perfected the mod , “The pots” … I think?..Its basically what your saying ~Comments would be appreciated~

[url=] ... 0090222583[/url]

dude your cars too nice to waste your money on a $20 performance mod like that.

the IAT/ ECT sensor mod or “POTS” mod while usefull for the short term will only give you a boost until the ECU learns the timing when its on. After that it wont work anymore. Your better off spending $400 and getting the SCT X2.

Agree with Mark.

I have a superchip already installed in the car . Its like 14hp/and15tq~. I’m looking for a little more juice electronically ~I guess I’m just going to buy a engine and turbo it :stuck_out_tongue: , and say the hell with it !

the iat/ect wouldn’t help you then. its a cheap mod for those that can’t afford the superchip or sct.

basically you can already change your iat / ect with the superchip.

If you are familiar with and have already installed SCT (which optimises your your cars computer to the peak available performance by correctly interpreting all of your engine sensors) why would you want to install a mod which screws with your engine sensors?

Tommy brings up a good point. I just have one question, Have you had the superchip dyno tuned? That may bring out a few more horses if you havent.

A proper dyno-tune is worth 50 pots mods. If you have SCT already Ironmark has the right idea.

Get it tuned.

What other mods have you done to your ZX2 besides SCT ? If you want more power getting it tuned will get you the most power from all of your mods.

Yeah INNY- I didn’t know you had a chip. The POTS aren’t gonna do anything but screw up your burn. BTW my POTS haven’t been “learned” after about 30K or so miles, and I use them regularly. I still get a good bump in spark & fuel. Someone tell my “Wallet Warden” (wife) to let me spend the bucks for SCT. She just blacks-out when I say I gotta go faster!

its probably cause she’s holding her eyes shut at those speeds.

I will try to set up a dyno tune in a week or so , Heres my mods … 
They are nothing crazy , I’m just gonna have to buy a engine from Jayco , and turbo it !


I've had enough of this snow!!!!!!

I dont think Nick got as much as you or I did…

I got pics im going to put in another thread.

I only got like ten inches , but my dam snowblower wont start , and I’m driving a SUV with bald tires!..hahahahaaa . When you have bald tires on a SUV , its like not having 4 wheel dr ~

I woke up today and found about 3 inches and snow still coming down. After looking at the forecast for the next couple days, it looks like 2 more days of snow for me. Hopefully I don’t get as much as you…damn! Hope you get your snow blower working.

Good thing I didn’t rush to get my Zx2 back on the road. I would have been slidding everwhere.

We got a little over 2.5 feet. I got pics! I have a snow bank out here thats a little under 8ft tall. The zx2 was buried. And thats the difference in snow between Liberty and Warwick. I dont own a snow blower and dont have a plow with a 50ft driveway to shovel. it sucked.