air conditioner

when I remove the air conditioner fuse the idle is stable. When I put the fuse back in, the idle speed bumps up every 20 seconds or so. When I do have the fuse in it, I dont have the air conditioner on ? the air conditioner still causes the irratic idle…and its not on ?. I also notice that the ac isnt very cool when i turn it on.

I had this problem for sometime before I figured out what it was… I am pretty sure something is wrong with your AC compressor itself. It could be possible it could just be low. But in my case it was the comp.

But if you have the controls set on off or the “feet only” setting it should run normal correct? And any other settings it surges.

The compressor will be engaged when in any of the following modes . . . Max A/C, A/C, Bi-Level, Def/Floor and Defrost. Only Off, Floor and Vent do not engage the compressor. If you are not prepared to service your system but want to use all of your climate control modes for air delivery simply go out under the hood. In the front passenger side corner of the engine compartment you will see the top of the accumulator and a pressure switch on top of it. Just disconnect that pressure switch and the compressor will stop cycling until you can have the system serviced.

On mine, the air runs on all settings. I took the ac fuse out so it wouldnt run at all. I am quessing it low on freon because its not very cool when it runs. Maybe thats the fix. hope so. Thanks

If yours runs on all settings, then you must have a manual A/C on-off button, sometimes the mode button doubles as a push type button for compressor control. Either that or it’s an automatic temperature control system, but I’ve never seen that on a ZX2 or Focus.